William Busta Gallery

Cleveland Ohio

  • 2007


    APR 14–MAY 12, 2007

    Timothy Callaghan  First Time, Long Time


    JUN 15–JUL 14, 2007

    Cecelia Phillips  Daydreams Being the  Things of Which I am Mostly Made


    SEP 7–OCT 6, 2007

    Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson   Vatnajökull Paintings   Exhibition brochure


    OCT 26–NOV 24, 2007

    Matthew Kolodziej   Caught in Flux   Exhibition brochure


    NOV 30, 2007–JAN 12, 2008

    Douglas Sanderson   Arcane Image Series   Exhibition brochure

    Wendy Collin Sorin   Safety Nets: New Drawings


  • 2008


    FEB 1–MAR 15, 2008

    Kristen Cliffel   The Sweet Life   Exhibition brochure

    Noel Reifel   Borrowed Gestures


    MAR 28–APR 26, 2008

    Don Harvey   Public Private   Exhibition brochure

    Catherine Butler   jewelry


    MAY 2–JUN 14, 2008

    H.C. Cassill   A Career Retrospective   Exhibition brochure


    JUN 21–AUG 2, 2008

    Summer Painting Show: Douglas Max Utter, Matthew Kolodziej, William Newhouse, Timothy Callaghan, Lorri Ott, Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson

    William Newhouse   Preliminary Reports


    SEP 5–OCT 11, 2008

    Eva Kwong   Noetic Moments   Exhibition brochure


    SEP 5–NOV 15, 2008

    Craig Lucas   Membrane


    OCT 17–NOV 15, 2008

    Brinsley Tyrrell   Ohio Lands Forever   Exhibition brochure


    NOV 21–DEC 17, 2008

    Kate Budd   tableau   Exhibition brochure

    Douglas Max Utter   Giraffe Traps and Other Dilemnas


  • 2009


    JAN 2–10, 2009

    20th Anniversary Exhibition [30+ artists]


    FEB 13–MAR 14, 2009

    Andrea Joki   Reservoir  Exhibition brochure

    Karen D. Beckwith   Gate Series


    MAR 20–APR 26, 2009

    Light of Day: Jeff Bechtel, Timothy Callaghan, Matthew Johnson, Craig Kucia,
    Sam Martineau, William Newhouse  
    Exhibition brochure


    MAY 1–30, 2009

    Steven Yusko   My Space: Cleveland   Exhibition brochure

    Pamela Dodds   Seasons of Enlightenment


    JUN 5–AUG 1, 2009

    Don Harvey   The Geographies of Displacement

    Cecelia Phillips   Mystery Hatch   Exhibition brochure


    SEP 11–OCT 10, 2009

    Lorri Ott   debris from a lost campaign   Exhibition brochure

    Timothy Callaghan   St. Clair en Plein Air


    OCT 16–NOV 14, 2009

    Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson   Velocity  Exhibition brochure


    NOV 20, 2009–JAN 2, 2010

    Douglas Sanderson   Arcane Image   Exhibition brochure

    Douglas Max Utter   Downward Facing Dog and Other Postures and Entreaties


  • 2010

    FEB  5–MAR 13, 2010

    Gianna Commito   Windows and Doors   Exhibition brochure


    MAR 19–APR 24, 2010

    Matthew Kolodziej   Accumulations   Exhibition brochure

    Christi Birchfield   Now Tender, Now Fierce


    APR 30–MAY 29, 2010

    Don Harvey   Burdened Boy and Other Stories   Exhibition brochure

    Bellamy Printz   Transition State


    JUN 4–JUL 31, 2010

    Brinsley Tyrrell   Ohio Lands Forever   Exhibition brochure

    Austin Thomas   Recent Drawings


    SEP 10–OCT 9, 2010

    Kristen Cliffel   Salty and Sweet   Exhibition brochure

    Commingling:  Jewelry 2010, featuring Catherine Butler, Debra Rosen, Sherry Simms, and Susan Skoczen


    OCT  15–NOV 13, 2010

    Timothy Callaghan   Nightshift   Exhibition brochure


    NOV 19–DEC 31, 2010

    Paul O’Keeffe   painted, more or less   Exhibition brochure

    Seth Rosenberg   Contemporary Vocabularies

  • 2011


    JAN 7–FEB 5 , 2011

    Dexter Davis   Monsters and Ghosts   Exhibition brochure


    FEB 11–MAR 12

    Darice Polo   Through a Glass Darkly   Exhibition brochure


    FEB 11–APR 3, 2011

    Lorri Ott   something quiet


    MAR 18–APR 23, 2011

    Andrea Joki   Crossing   Exhibition brochure

    Mark Cottle   The Geometry of Clouds


    APR 29–JUN 11, 2011

    Mark Howard   Passionate Blessings   Exhibition brochure

    Pamela Dodds   Memory’s Witness


    JUN 3–JUL 30, 2011

    Aaron Koehn   Self Storage   Exhibition brochure

    Derek Hess   The Playboy Covers


    SEP 9–OCT 8, 2011

    Amy Sinbondit   Interruptions   Exhibition brochure

    Douglas Max Utter   Heart Land

    Todd Schroeder   Free


    OCT 14–NOV 12, 2011

    Kate Budd   Cabinet   Exhibition brochure

    Masako Onodera   Tactile Bodies

    Jean Kubota Cassill   Landscapes in Black and White


    NOV 18DEC 31, 2011

    Brinsley Tyrrell   Ohio Lands Forever   Exhibition brochure

    Cecelia Phillips   Garden of Earthly Delights   Exhibition brochure

    Stephen Yusko   Re-new


    DEC 2, 2011–JAN 31, 2012

    Michael Gill   Book Release Party

    Barbara Polster   Space Elevator


  • 2012


    JAN 6–FEB 5, 2012

    Michael Loderstedt   Menagerie   Exhibition brochure

    Dimensional: Printed Works by Current and Former Students, Kent State


    FEB 10–MAR 30, 2012

    Christi Birchfield   I’ll Be Your Mirror

    Julie Weitz   Drawings from Inside   Exhibition brochure


    MAR 2–APR 14, 2012

    Derf   My Friend Dahmer   book launch & exhibition


    MAR 9–APR 21, 2012

    Christian Wulffen   NSEW   Exhibition brochure


    APR 19–22, 2012

    Northeastern Ohio Art Dealers [NOADA] art fair


    APR 27–JUN 16, 2012

    Don Harvey   CHORUS in which there are many people, some singing

    Exhibition brochure

    Lane Cooper   Ghost Stories


    JUN 1–JUL 31, 2012

    Susan Umbenhour   galdrglyphs   Exhibition brochure

    Darius Steward   Occupying a Space

    Barbara Polster   Superposition


    SEP 7–OCT 13, 2012

    Dexter Davis   Personal Matters   Exhibition brochure


    OCT 12–NOV 17, 2012

    Timothy Callaghan   Life Slow Still   Exhibition brochure

    Bellamy Printz   Gestural Shift

    Artists Working in Paper:  Melissa Jay Craig, Sally Matia, James Pernotto


    NOV 16–DEC 29, 2012

    Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson   STRATA   Exhibition brochure


    DEC 7, 2012–JAN 19, 2013

    Thomas Frontini   Eremite: Views and Visitors   Exhibition brochure

  • 2013


    JAN 4–FEB 9 , 2013

    Julie Friedman   Perennial Shift   Exhibition brochure

    Sai Sinbondit   Between thoughts


    FEB 2–MAR 2, 2013

    Jeffry Chiplis   The Great White Mountains and the Cold Cathode Plains


    FEB 15–MAR 16, 2013

    Andrea Joki   Moving Pictures  (Exhibition brochure)

    Lori Kella   Looking West


    MAR 16–APR 20, 2013

    A Vanishing Wildness, Works from the 2012 Wyoming Artists Expedition


    MAR 22–APR 20 , 2013

    Douglas Sanderson   Flower of Life   Exhibition brochure

    Jason K. Milburn   Off the Studio Floor


    APR 26–JUN 1, 2013

    Matthew Kolodziej   Ecotone   Exhibition brochure

    Virgie Ezelle Patton   Time Squared   Exhibition brochure

    Elizabeth Emery   Invisible Summer


    MAY 10–12, 2013

    Northeastern Ohio Art Dealers [NOADA] art fair


    JUN 7–JUL 31, 2013

    Kristen Cliffel   Falling Forward   Exhibition brochure

    Laila Voss   (Just Another Part of) Inside My Head   Exhibition brochure

    Trudy Wiesenberger   Unapologetic Beauty


    JUN 15, 2013

    Timothy Callaghan   "One Painting a Day" Book Launch


    SEP 6–OCT 12, 2013

    Aaron Koehn   It all depends   Exhibition brochure

    H.C. Cassill   selected works   Exhibition brochure


    OCT 18–NOV 16, 2013

    Brinsley Tyrrell   Ohio Lands Forever   Exhibition brochure

    Lorri Ott   stray

    Pamela Dodds   Language for a new Paradigm


    NOV 12–DEC 28, 2013

    Mark E. Howard   Nothing Sacred   Exhibition brochure

    Jerry Birchfield   Exercise N/or Exorcise

  • 2014

    JAN 7–FEB 1 , 2014

    25 Artists/25 Years      Exhibition brochure


    FEB 14–MAR 22, 2014

    Paul O’Keeffe   sculpture Exhibition brochure

    Cecelia Phillips   drawing and painting

    G.M. Donley   photography


    MAR 7–APR 19,2014

    Michael Loderstedt   new work

    Matthew Kolodziej   painting  Exhibition brochure


    MAR 14–16, 2014

    Northern Ohio Art Dealers Association (NOADA)   art fair at Transformer Station


    APR 25–APR 31

    Christi Birchfield   painting and drawing   Exhibition brochure

    Artists at Laurel School: Jane Berger, Catherine Butler, Renee Psiakis, Jeanne Regan

    Susan Umbenhour   new work


    JUN 6–JUL 31, 2014

    Amy Sinbondit   ceramic sculpture  Exhibition brochure

    Tommy White   paintings  Exhibition brochure


    SEP 5–OCT 11, 2014

    Barbara Polster   installation

    Bellamy Printz   prints and photographs  Exhibition brochure

    Dexter Davis + Jason Milburn   paintings and drawings

    Brinsley Tyrrell   sculpture


    OCT 17–NOV 15, 2014

    Kate Budd   sculpture  Exhibition brochure

    Paul Yanko   paintings

    Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson   paintings


    NOV 21–DEC 27, 2014

    Don Harvey   drawings and photography   Exhibition brochure

    Todd Schroeder   paintings

    Thomas Frontini   paintings

    Wendy Partridge   books



  • 2015

    JAN 2–FEB 14, 2015

    Jeff Chiplis   sculpture  exhibition brochure

    Darius Steward   painting

    Julie Friedman   installation


    FEB 6–MAR 7, 2015

    Timothy Callaghan + Krista Tomorowitz   paintings + textiles exhibition brochure

    Taryn McMahon   prints, installation exhibition brochure

    Jerry Birchfield   photographs exhibition brochure


    MAR 13–APR 25, 2015

    Douglas Max Utter   paintings, monotypes exhibition brochure

    Elizabeth Emery   sculpture

    Jason K Milburn   paintings exhibition brochure


    APR 21–26, 2015

    KSU Benefit Auction Exhibition


    APR 25, 2015

    Les Delices performance


    MAY 1–MAY 30, 2015

    Stephen Yusko   sculpture exhibition brochure

    Enid Williams   paintings

    Andrea Yoki   paintings exhibition brochure


    JUN 5–JUL 31, 2015

    Lori Kella   photographs

    Mary Jo Bole   poetic media

    Kristen Cliffel    sculpture